Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Final Task - Summary

I learned that a free email account is a passport to a number of snazzy free Web 2.0 accounts. An email account is required for each of the services' registration areas for verification and communication purposes. Working in a public library, staff regularly teach classes on setting up and using email accounts.
In my opinion, all of the tasks were pretty straight forward. While not necessarily challenging, the most time consuming was setting up the email account since there were more fields of information that were requested to fill in on the registration page.
PVLD can create user communities or share timely information with some of these technologies and incorporate these into the PVLD website via widgets/badges/etc.
The "self-directed" learning model was extremely successful because many staff people finished the tasks whether at work or at home depending on the amount of time they required. The carrots and celebrations definitely contributed to the interest/excitement in the topic. Now that people have been exposed to this, they see how useful and user-friendly these technologies are and are not as hesitant to casually talk about them.

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